Finds, Stories

This space is devoted to sharing discoveries of GPA (lanterns, stoves, heaters) listings.  They’re typically classifieds from the usual places or auctions on ebay. 

What makes them worthy of sharing?  Good question.  If we find them interesting, unique, a good deal, or just something that we feel is special for whatever reason.  Please comment with your thoughts (price, authenticity, value…it’s all fair game).

Find: 1940s Coleman 242C

A rough 242 has been found showing plenty of corrosion, but might take to a fettle. Photos are beyond amateurish, and no mention of functionality.

Find: 1962 Coleman 501 Stove (06/62)

This Coleman single burner stove is the recalled 501 model. While it should not be used out of safety concerns, the stove often takes a front row seat on the collector’s shelf.

†  Great deals usually don’t last, so while this archive will provide links, expect them to go stale quickly.  We have zero financial interest in any of these shares, and are never paid to promote any listing.  We are simply helping discover cool stuff, hoping to drive a buyer from our community to consider them.

Additional guidelines for our Finds here at single mantle:

  • Looking for items ~10 or more years old.
  • Nothing excessively expensive.  We won’t feature $3,000 gold bonds or anniversaries from Japan.
  • The key is interesting, unique, good value, classic, cool, iconic, specials, etc….kind of things we want to buy if only we could buy it all.
  • Things that will stir a conversation and be appreciated by our users, and hopefully be purchased by someone in our community.