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1925 Coleman Quick-Lite 327 (03/25)

This Coleman QL327 in nickel comes with a fresh R55 generator and no globe.

The ball nut is the open style holding in place a non-embossed ventilator.  The base rest holes spell out COLEMAN QUICK LITE as seen in the photo gallery below. The lantern is tested functional and has a sizeable dent in the upper shoulder of the fount, which otherwise appears good.  Recent maintenance includes an exterior polish and new R-55 generator reported to have been fired a handful of times. Below the Sunshine logo are the stamped numbers 5  3 which decode to March 1925.

Item condition: Used

Auction expired without reaching reserve price

  • Seller


  • Location


  • Stamp

    5 3

  • Configuration

    dual mantle

  • Features

    tested, open ball nut, unmarked vent

  • Shipping methods

    UPS, FedEx, USPS. Buyer's preference and expense. Assorted quotes to city: Denver $10.90, Fresno $13.88, Pittsburgh $11.09

  • Payment methods

    PayPal (bump for fees or F&F), Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, mailed check, gold leaf via carrier pigeon

Reserve price Not met!

High bidder:

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