How it works

Single Mantle (SM) is a website doing just a few simple things

  • an auction platform for lanterns and stoves
  • A place where interesting classifieds from around the web are shared


Low fees, pleasant user experience, less noise.

We attempt to achieve this by crafting detailed, picture rich listings written objectively and factually.


the listing process

  1. Fill out the submission request form.
  2. Submit it to us for review.
  3. Approve draft listing and pay insertion fee.

Some basic auction rules

  • Once the auction starts, you’re obligated to let it run (no terminations allowed).
  • The auction is exclusive to SM.
  • We don’t typically relist unsold items unless something goes wrong.
Reserve Price
  • you may set a reserve
    • reserve status won’t be shown but you’re free to communicate it as the seller in the comments area.
  • A no-reserve auction will be labeled as such.
Anti-snipe extension
No proxy (auto) bidding



  • Sellers:  $3 to list
  • Buyers:   3% of winning bid

A more detailed description of the fees.  If you submit for an auction and it’s accepted, the listing insertion fee is all you pay to us.

Any registered user who has entered a valid credit card is allowed to bid (with the exception of the seller of course).  An auction winner will be charged the buyer’s fee as a percentage of the auction close price (minimum of $1) that goes to us here at SM.  This charge is automatic providing that the reserve price, if it exists, is met.

Example:  you win a Coleman 200A for $56.  Your card on file will be charged $1.68 at auction close and you will be put in touch with the seller, with whom you execute the transaction.

After the win

We put winner and seller in touch to work out the purchase.  We at SM don’t get in the middle of the transaction.  We leave it to buyer and seller to arrange whatever is best for them as far as shipping and payment.




This can be the Achilles’ heel of these types of transactions.  It can often sink an otherwise good deal.  We are working on streamlining this process through our system, to include even packaging…Standby

If Single Mantle (aka SM) strikes you as eerily similar in its look, function and feel to a popular classic car auction platform, that is for good reason.  We think a simple auction platform should exist to service the lantern world, where you can be spared the sales pitch, have some vetting to the listing and be able to comment openly.